India sms provider to get new service: bank


As per a report by Business Standard, an e-commerce platform will launch an online service called DM sms on the bank of India.

The service will have a total capacity of 1.5 million messages, which will be sent to users in Mumbai.

The company will be launching this service in March and it will be available for free to anyone in the country.

The new service will be aimed at the Indian online consumer and will be the first one of its kind to have a banking service in India.

The e-payment platform has been launched in India with a focus on mobile payments.

DMSmiles’ CEO and co-founder, Arun Shrivastava, said in a statement, “We believe that the time has come to take a real leadership in online banking in India, and this is a big step in that direction.

DM smis service will help the banking ecosystem by allowing millions of Indians to access their savings and credit cards online without having to enter any branch.

We are excited to be a part of this trend.”

The service has also received support from Paytm.

DM Smiles has raised Rs 20 crore from angel investors, including Yashpal Bansal, founder of Kunal Bahl, and Arun Bansal from Reliance Industries.

According to the bank, DMSmilies new service offers users a faster and more convenient payment solution and it offers more than 10 million people access to their savings in the most secure and convenient way.

The bank also said that DMSmises new service is the first of its type to have access to bank accounts in India and it is the most advanced payment solution in the region.

DMsmiles has also partnered with Reliance Payments in India to offer a free, one-time credit card payment for DM users in their home country.DMSmiles said the service will not only allow its users to access the money stored in their bank accounts, but also facilitate cross-border payments through their mobile phones.

“DM smis is one of the first online banking services in the world, and the service provides seamless access to a wide variety of online banking products including bank transfers and payments.

The DM service is also the first to offer secure payments on DM accounts,” said Shrivapastava.

DM is one the first e-wallet platforms to offer its customers a secure and seamless experience through a mobile app and mobile wallets, said Shravastava in a tweet.

The company has also launched an app that will allow users to transfer money from a DM account to their bank account from any mobile app.

DM users will be able to transfer funds from DM accounts to their account from a mobile wallet app and will also be able transfer funds to DM accounts from a bank account using a bank transfer app.

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