Why China’s internet is now a Chinese national embarrassment: New research


China’s massive internet has long been the envy of the world, but now it’s even more so.

A new report by security firm Gartner shows the country’s internet now ranks among the most insecure in the world.

“The world is starting to understand the value of digital infrastructure, especially as China’s growing economic growth continues to undermine the value and sustainability of the countrys internet infrastructure,” the report states.

“As the internet becomes a core service in every Chinese household, the risk to users’ security and privacy increases, which is further exacerbated by China’s new authoritarian government.”

As the Economist notes, the report found that more than half of China’s adult population is now connected to the internet, and a third of the population has an internet connection at home.

As we’ve noted before, the internet has been increasingly a tool for the Chinese Communist Party, which has been trying to turn China into an internet superpower.

The Communist Party now has control of the entire internet, even though it has not yet passed any major laws restricting the internet.

In fact, the party is trying to make sure that the Chinese internet remains the dominant way to access the internet for a while longer.

This is particularly important for the country, as it’s a key way for the government to control the masses, and to consolidate power in the country.

As China continues to expand its internet control, the country is also increasing censorship, restricting online content and using internet filtering.

As the report notes, censorship is also being used to “de-escalate protests and undermine democracy.”

In other words, it’s basically the Chinese government trying to keep citizens safe online.