The United Kingdom’s big telecoms lobby says its members are worried about the impact of the EU’s net neutrality regulations on its business


Big telecoms groups are worried that net neutrality rules in the EU will have a major impact on their businesses.

The UK Telecoms Association said in a statement that the rules would “make it increasingly difficult” for UK companies to provide free internet access to consumers in other EU countries.

Net neutrality rules will require internet service providers to treat all internet traffic equally, including blocking or slowing, regardless of whether it’s being carried by a user or another website.

That means companies will have to decide how much money they’ll make on each customer’s internet usage.

The U.K. has long been a net neutrality advocate, but it recently announced it would leave the EU and create a new trade deal with the bloc.

That’s a departure from the more open stance taken by the U.S.

While the U,U.K., and the EU have different policies on net neutrality, the United Kingdom has been an enthusiastic participant in the net neutrality debate in the past.

In March, the British government introduced new legislation that would allow internet service companies to charge content providers for preferential access to websites that use their services.

The bill, which was passed by the House of Commons last month, came as net neutrality was under attack from both sides of the debate.

In October, a group of U.N. experts issued a report saying the U the United States and other countries are “willing to do nothing” in response to net neutrality.

The experts warned that the EU would face a trade war if it didn’t do more to protect net neutrality and prevent the U and other nations from being forced to subsidize their own companies’ business practices.

In a statement Friday, the UBA said the UUK is concerned about the potential impact of net neutrality on its businesses.

In a statement, the group said the EU has “stacked the deck in favor of the industry at the expense of the UK’s ability to thrive.”

The UBA says the net neutrality issue has “reached critical mass,” with the government “worried that net-neutrality regulations will have detrimental effects on the U’s businesses and competitiveness.”