SMSP sending service receives $2.4M from US regulator


SMSP service providers are receiving more than $2 million in funding from the Federal Communications Commission, including $1.7 million to create a network of mobile SMSPs in five states, the FCC said Wednesday.

The funding will go toward expanding the SMSP network by two to three more counties and two additional cities in each state, the commission said.

The funds will help expand SMSP services in California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, New York and Texas.

SMSP’s total annual revenue is about $6 billion.

The Federal Communications Commision said it will award the funds to SMSP vendors for “a robust, innovative, and high-capacity SMSP.”

The commission said that in addition to the funding, SMSP providers will receive an incentive to increase their capacity by 50% or more in the five states where they are operating.

The agency said the funding will help SMSP companies provide a more robust service to consumers by creating more SMSP facilities, and it will help improve the quality of service by encouraging SMSP carriers to provide better customer service and faster speeds.

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