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With just three weeks left until Australia’s National Broadband Network rollout is to open to all Australians, the country’s biggest telco is facing another round of backlash from those who want a slower service.AAP/ABC News 15 A network operator’s CEO is calling for faster speeds, a network upgrade and a return to traditional phone calling as the rollout begins to take hold in Australia.

The Communications Minister, Andrew Leigh, said the National Broadbands Network rollout was going to take “a while”, but added that he would like the network to be rolled out faster and that people should “start to pay attention”.

“If we want the NBN to be faster, we’re going to have to get the NBN right,” Mr Leigh said.

“If you can’t get your NBN up to scratch, you can get your network up to speed.”

It’s not about how fast you can do it, it’s about getting your NBN going.

“He added that the NBN was “well and truly being rolled out”, and that “our NBN has now been fully rolled out for the past six months, and there is absolutely no doubt that we will be getting it up and running on a much quicker basis”.

Mr Leigh said the NBN rollout would take time, but that “the NBN has been rolled out on a massive scale and it’s not going to slow down any time soon”.

He said the rollout was “comprehensive” and the “major challenge is getting all the people connected, and that is not going in the right direction”.”

This is a big, complex and complex project,” he said.

Mr Leigh has already been forced to apologise for comments he made in August that he believed “it would take about five years” to get Australia’s network up and operating.

He also said the “biggest challenge” was getting people connected and “we’re doing all the right things” to encourage them to use the NBN.

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