How to save money by using a service like bulk smus


The US Department of Agriculture has proposed banning bulk SMS messages, a service that allows consumers to send bulk amounts of text messages, without requiring the sender to pay for the service.

The proposed rules will take effect on April 1, 2019.

The USDA proposes that SMS bulk service providers can not charge users for the SMS bulk messaging service.

Instead, they will have to provide an optional SMS bulk texting service fee that would apply to the service, according to the proposal.

Users would not have to pay a SMS bulk fee.

The proposal would require that SMS services be available for SMS bulk users to use, with a limit of two SMS per day per user.

However, the USDA says it will not require that bulk SMS services provide the user with a separate mobile app or website to manage the SMS service.

SMS bulk SMS service providers must post the proposed rules on their websites.

If they do not comply with the rules, the proposed rule would be rescinded.

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