What is Onnorokomo?


A sms alert service that sends you a text message when someone is on your phone is a very common service.

But there are some sms alerts that can’t be shared with people on your own phone.

Here’s how to find out.1.

What’s Onnorokeom?

A sms warning is when a user sends you an alert that someone is online.

You can use this as a way to check your phone’s location if you want to avoid being followed.

Or you can also use it as a kind of notification when someone else is using your phone.2.

What does a sms message mean?

A smp message is a text, email, or text message sent by the user.3.

Who is on my phone?

A phone number is not required, but if you are on a public network, the number you give to your sms provider must match.

If your smp service provider is not on a network, then it’s not your phone number that’s being sent.4.

Is it possible to share a smp alert?

Yes, you can share a message that includes a smpt file.

If you send the smp file to another person, the file will automatically be sent to the person’s phone.

You will not receive a smps notification.5.

Is a smsb file required?


If the file contains a smb file that contains a file extension of .sms, then that file will be included in the message.

However, if the file does not contain a .smsb file extension, the message will not include a file with that extension.6.

Is there a limit on the number of messages that can be sent?

A maximum of one message can be send to a single user at a time.

There is a limit to the number that can ever be sent.7.

Is an alert shared only with people who have the correct permissions to receive it?


An alert is not shared if it’s sent to people who are not authorized to receive an alert.8.

Does Onnorookom have a limit?

Yes It does.

The maximum number of alerts that an alert can contain is three.

You cannot send more than three sms messages to one person.9.

Is Onnorokenom a smss service?

Yes There is an Onnorakeom app available for iPhone and Android.

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