This post from Facebook’s VP of Product, Adam Mosseri, may have made him the target of a massive spam campaign


A few days ago, Facebook’s Product Director Adam Mossieri posted a screenshot of a Facebook post about the company’s new Messenger bot on his personal page.

The post was part of an effort to get the bot out into the wild.

At the time, Facebook said that Messenger’s bot had been “mixed” with other bots that it had built, and it was working on improving it.

The bot was in fact still not fully integrated, so it had a few issues with it, including the bots inability to distinguish between people and groups.

Messenger’s bots were a bit less aggressive, however.

The posts on Mossieri’s personal page contained several bots that were sending spam, and one of them was sending an automated email saying it was a bot sent by the Facebook’s News Bots team.

As of this writing, the Facebook Messenger Bot team says it’s not aware of any bots that have been malicious.

Mossieri himself did not post anything malicious about the bot, though he was apparently aware of it.