The new iPhone 5S is sooooooo small that it’s hard to take it in person!


The new iPhones are all small, and the iPhone 5s is no exception.

It is just 0.3mm thick, and it is the only iPhone currently on sale that is available in the US.

That’s just over 1.6mm.

That is a lot.

The iPhone 5 is also the only phone available in China, where it is available for only $299.

The company is making a $10-off coupon code in the mail, but it only applies to the US and Canada.

The reason for the $10 off is that the iPhone 6 is on sale for $399, and you can get it for just $279.

The iPhone 5’s slim design and relatively cheap price make it one of the most appealing phones for consumers.

The small size and the lack of a removable battery make it a very attractive device.

However, the iPhone has the problem of not being able to be charged, and that is one of its biggest drawbacks.

There are many ways to charge the iPhone, including via USB Type-C.

The best way to charge your iPhone is to have a USB Type C port on the bottom of the device.

If you’re a heavy-user, the charging port on your phone could be a major annoyance.

There are several options out there to get a USB-C port on a phone, and most of them require a port adapter, so we won’t go over them all.

The USB Type A port works well for charging a smartphone, but charging an iPhone requires a port.

There is an adapter available, and if you want to be able to charge an iPhone via USB-A, you’ll need to purchase an adapter.

The adapter you need for charging your iPhone via Type-A port is a cheap little piece of plastic called a USB Cable Plus.

You can find it on Amazon for $10.

There’s a lot to love about the iPhone.

Its sleek design is unmatched in any smartphone.

It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, and its battery life is amazing.

The screen is stunning, and Apple has finally perfected a way to make a phone that you can hold on to and use.

There’s even a fingerprint sensor on the back.

The most interesting thing about the phone is that Apple has managed to make the screen even more customizable.

The new phone’s display is not only bright, it is also beautiful.

You’re not limited to just what is on screen.

You get the option to customize the backlight, colors, and more.

The new iPhone 6 has a larger display, too.

It has a 6.2-inch screen, which is the same size as the iPhone 7 Plus.

However the screen on the iPhone is actually smaller than it was on the previous generation.

That means the iPhone’s display now sits a bit lower on the device, and there is a much higher contrast ratio, making it a bit brighter and more colorful.

The display is brighter than the previous generations, too, and looks like a better result than a 1080p OLED display.

The colors are also more vibrant, making the iPhone look a bit more vibrant than the iPhone 4S or 4S Plus.

The design of the new iPhone also makes it feel slightly more premium, because it’s taller and heavier.

Apple has also managed to cram a lot of new features into the new iPhones.

The phone has 4G LTE, which lets you download data for free when you’re not using it.

The 3G and LTE bands support all of Apple’s new wireless networks, including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

The device supports WiFi hotspots, Bluetooth 4.1, and NFC.

The Apple Pencil is one that was never available before on the market, and was made available to all iPhone users in iOS 11.

The Pencil’s new functionality makes it a perfect addition to the iPhone lineup, as it makes it easier to sketch, draw, and even write.

The pen has a built-in pen, too that can be used to sketch and draw with, too if you have the option.

You’ll also find the ability to add more ink and colors to the Pencil, which makes it much more useful than it used to be.

The built-up ink on the Pencicle also makes the Penciller much easier to use than before, and gives you an option to use the Pencaster app to draw with.

The Apple Watch is a smartwatch that is designed to track your health and fitness, and to connect to Apple Health to monitor your activities.

It can also be used as a standalone watch, and for workouts.

The watch also comes with apps like Nike+ Fuel, and is a fitness tracker.

If the Apple Watch doesn’t seem like a smart watch to you, don’t worry.

The price for the Apple watch is $349, and a $50 rebate is available if you buy a device