A ‘super-cool’ new super-cool thing for you to buy on Amazon (UK)’


If you’ve been thinking about buying your first new Android smartphone, it’s worth considering Amazon’s new ‘Super-cool Thing’ service.

Amazon’s Super-cool is a ‘cool’ feature which lets you buy a new Android phone for just £0.99.

The company claims it’s ‘the perfect companion to Amazon’s best sellers’ lists’ and it allows you to pick a smartphone to pair with the Amazon app on a variety of devices.

The Super-Cool feature lets you pick a device to pair to Amazon app from any Amazon app store, from a smartphone or tablet, or on the Amazon Fire TV.

In the Amazon Store, you’ll see a section called ‘best sellers’ which includes the best selling smartphones and tablets of the day.

To activate the feature, simply head to the Amazon App Store and search for your phone and the Super- Cool button will pop up on the top right corner.

Here, you can select from a list of devices from which you can buy a smartphone.

You’ll then be prompted to select your device from a ‘list of devices’.

To access the ‘Super Cool’ feature, just head to ‘Settings’ and select the ‘Mobile’ option in the ‘Services’ section.

Then head to your mobile device and you can enter the code to activate the ‘super cool feature’.

You can also access the Super Cool feature via the Amazon web app and on the Fire TV (see image below).

Once you’ve selected your phone, head into ‘Mobile & Apps’ and click ‘Activate’ to activate.