What to know about automatic sms services, how to get them and where to buy them


Malayalam,AUSTRALIA: AUSTRALIAN telcos are expected to launch automated SMS services on Monday.

According to reports in The Times of India, telcos will begin offering automatic smsh services from 1 October, where users will be able to use their mobile phones to send and receive SMS messages on their own devices.

While automated SMS will be available for use by all users in the country, telco operators are yet to announce pricing for this service.

However, some telcos, like Telstra, are offering an option to opt-in to automatic SMS service.

Telstra says it will offer a free SMS service for the first 30 days for users who have a verified number.

The SMS service will be offered for users aged between 15 and 49.

The Telstra SMS Service Center will provide free SMS messaging services for Telstra’s customers who have signed up for the service.

The company has also offered an automatic smsd service for users to receive free SMS messages in the first month, with additional SMS messages available to customers for $10 per day.

The telcos have also announced a new feature to allow users to make free calls through SMS.

Telcoms telco service providers have been increasingly moving towards automated services in recent months as they have become increasingly reliant on SMS services.

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