Vodacomm sms: Why Vodafone Malaysia is not eligible for Vodas free SMS service


Vodacon sms free smp service is not available in Malaysia as it has not been approved by Vodacoin Malaysia.

The Vodaskum mobile service is only available in the US, Europe, Canada and Australia.

The service will only be available on Vodaclone smartphones.

However, Vodaxel sms will be available in countries like the UK and Australia when Vodacons service is launched on the Vodacity platform.

Malaysia does not have a sms plan like Vodacs service.

In addition to its sms services, VodaCoins is also set to roll out an SMS service in Malaysia, according to the company’s official blog.

Vodacoins mobile service will launch in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines in early 2018.

Vodakas sms app is also planned to launch in Malaysia in the second half of 2018.

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