SMS Short Code Service in Mumbai is Now Offline – Now With the Latest BSNL Service


In the city, all the mobile networks are working as usual with the usual number of sms services, such as voice calling and video calls.

The mobile operators have been keeping the numbers active.

Bhupinder Yadav, who runs the Bhupinder BSNLP service, says there have been few problems with his service, and the mobile operator is happy to see more people coming online.

“We have been hearing about this since yesterday.

We have been busy doing this and our customers are coming online, but the mobile operators were not very happy,” Yadav said.

Bengaluru and Hyderabad also have some of the highest number of mobile network subscribers.

While mobile service in Bengaluru is currently not available, it is expected to be online soon.

Telenor and Vodafone in Mumbai are the only telecom operators with plans to start mobile service soon.

“We have seen that there is demand from our customers.

We are working on the details of what we can do to ensure that the mobile service is available and that people get the best mobile service possible,” Vodacom spokesperson Prashant Sharma said.

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