Sms sending services in India to help people fleeing terrorism


Indian banks have been working hard to provide help to thousands of people fleeing the deadly war in Syria.

The government is also seeking to bring in cash to help refugees from the Middle East, as well as those fleeing war and natural disasters.

A lot of the funds being sought will be given to banks in the cities where people are most vulnerable, said the Finance Minister Manish Sisodia.

Sms, or sending services, are an emerging industry that helps people travel overseas and make a living in other countries.

They are a relatively new phenomenon in India.

They have a long history, but now they are becoming bigger and bigger, with many more banks, said Manish Kumar, co-founder of Sms India.

Sms services aim to help individuals get visas, and then make their way back to their home country.

It is not a direct transfer of funds.

Instead, they use a third-party agency to send money, usually from their bank account to the recipient’s.

It’s like taking cash for them to send, he said.

It’s a good way of helping people, but it’s not a solution for them, he added.

The government wants to increase the number of banks that offer these services.

More banks, more peopleIn the last few years, the government has been trying to find ways to help more people.

Sms services are also being offered by some banks.

Mumbai-based Axis Bank is among the banks offering it, with more than 50 banks participating.

The bank says it has been helping over 5,000 people with visas so far.

The move comes as the government prepares to host a meeting of the UN General Assembly, which will discuss a UN resolution calling for an end to the violence in Syria and other parts of the world.