New ‘unlock your phone’ SMS messaging service opens in Melbourne


A new SMS messaging system called SMS Unlock that aims to reduce the burden of mobile roaming charges has been launched in Melbourne, with Vodafones and Samsung among the companies offering it.SMS Unlock is a service that offers a simple way to unlock your mobile phone using a single click.

It’s a mobile phone service that requires you to activate a mobile hotspot and then unlock your phone using SMS.

Vodafons SMS Unlocked service allows you to unlock the device using a tap of a button on the home screen or in a number of ways, including sending SMS text messages to anyone you choose, calling someone, opening a calendar or accessing a mobile calendar.

It is currently available only in the Greater Melbourne region and the new service will be rolled out across the city and suburbs.

The service has been rolled out by Vodacom, which is Australia’s second-largest mobile carrier, after Telstra.VODACOM said the service would enable customers to access the services of their choice.

“Customers will be able to unlock their phone and SMS service on any Vodapower or Vodacon mobile hotspots or Vods mobile calendar, using a simple tap of their home screen,” the company said.

“The system will be accessible by all Vodas users in the region.”

The company said the SMS Unlocks app will be available to all VODans across Melbourne and the rest of Victoria from September.

The SMS Unlocks app will allow Vodans to unlock phones and SIM cards in the area of their choosing.

Customers in Victoria can also tap on their home screens to open their mobile calendars, view their daily and weekly schedules, view upcoming appointments and view all their SMS messages.

A ‘sms vault’ will also be available for people to hold the SMS phone in for a longer period of time.

Vudacom said the app would also allow Vudacoms customers to use the Vodakans SMS service at the same time.

“As Vodavans customers have expressed their desire to be more involved in the mobile world, we have created a SMS vault to hold their mobile phone,” Vodava said.

VodoMate said its SMS Unlocking service was designed to offer a simplified and affordable way to access SMS services.

“It is very easy to activate and use, no matter where you are in the world,” the SMS vault will allow customers to tap on the ‘unlocked’ option of the SMS app to unlock a phone or SIM card.

VodaMate has a total of 20 million SMS users in Australia.

“We will be providing our customers with the most secure and convenient way to share their mobile data and enjoy the benefits of a secure and low-cost SMS mobile messaging service,” VodaMite said.

The Vodabox SMS vault allows customers to add up to 50 texts per week to their VodaBox account.

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