Google is pushing new SMS service for its Gmail users


Google is rolling out a new service that allows Gmail users to send messages to their contacts using a sms client.

The new SMS provider is called Google Groups SMS.

The service is available only to Gmail users and will be rolled out gradually over the next few weeks, according to a Google Group posting on its Google Groups page.

Google Groups is a free, Google-owned group messaging service that works across Gmail, Google Groups Messenger, Google Talk, and Google Groups Web.

The Google Group has been a mainstay of Gmail for many years.

Google has a free service that lets users create groups that are used across Google services.

Groups can be used to share content or have access to a range of services that Google provides, such as YouTube, Gmail, Calendar, Google Photos, and Maps.

Google’s new service will allow users to sign up to be a Google Groups member, which means they can access services like Google Groups Messaging, Google Group, Google+ Groups, and Group Search.

The group service has been in beta for a few months.

In addition to sending messages to contacts, the new SMS services will also allow users and their contacts to add one another to groups.

In fact, the feature will work in conjunction with the new Google Groups app that Google announced today, according the Google Group post.

The feature will also make it easier for users to add contacts to groups, like the Google Groups service has, Google said.

Users can create and share groups using the Google groups app, which will also work across Google’s other Google products, including Gmail.

Gmail users can also now get to see the new groups they have created with other Google users.

Google Group members can use Google Groups for free, but they can sign up for an account and pay for the service.

Google will charge a monthly fee to access the Google Services API.

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