Vodafont,, Mobi, and more service for bulk SMS service


Vodacont, the company that provides bulk SMS services in Mumbai, has joined forces with a number of mobile providers to offer bulk SMS texting and calling services in the city.

The new services are available for a one-time fee of Rs. 30 for text messages and Rs. 40 for calling, which will be valid for a month.

Vodacront is offering SMS text service for a fee of up to Rs. 1,000 and calling for Rs. 2,000.

Text messaging, voicemail and voicemail calling services will be available at

The service is currently available only in Mumbai.

The company, which is a subsidiary of Vodaco, which also has a mobile services business, said the new services will enable users to send and receive SMS messages and calls, without having to sign up with a third-party provider.

The bulk SMS messaging service is the company’s first foray into the market and comes at a time when the government has sought to bring in a new telecom policy to ensure that all mobile users have access to their services.

The government has said that SMS services will soon be a part of all voice and data services in India, and the new SMS services could provide a big boost to the country’s mobile population.

VodaCo, the operator of the SMS service, has also been trying to attract users in the market.

It has been offering a range of services, including SMS messaging, SMS calling, SMS texting, voicemails, and other features.VODACONT is offering the services on a trial basis and customers will have to pay the one-off fee of a month before they can use the service.

The operator said that it has seen an average of more than 2,500 SMS users sign up for the SMS services every day, adding that they are ready to make a payment.

The company has been working on this service for over a year.

Its co-founder, Manoj Sinha, said that Vodakont was formed after a customer asked for a cheaper option for the service that is also offered by the popular e-commerce platform Flipkart.

“We have also been testing our product on Flipkarts customers,” Sinha told ET.

“Our customers are extremely happy with our products and we are looking forward to making our services available in other markets too.”

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