US to sell 1st 3G service on Alibaba for $7,000 per month


The United States has announced a new plan to make wireless Internet a more affordable option for consumers.

The US Cellular Alliance announced Wednesday that it will sell 3G cellular service for $6.99 per month to consumers over 16 years old.

The company is targeting high-end households with customers who make $100,000 or more per year.

The carrier will also sell voice services for $2.99 each per month, a service that will include local calls, text messaging, and other data plans.

In addition, the carrier will sell unlimited voice for $10.99 a month, and voice and data for $8.99, a plan that the company says will help people get started with broadband.

While the carrier has not yet launched the service, the plan comes as US Cellular is looking to expand its coverage.

A recent survey found that more than one in five people in the United States live in rural areas, which makes 3G services difficult to obtain.

The carrier has also announced plans to launch more affordable plans for rural consumers, and is also trying to bring more people online with more affordable voice plans.

“The US Cellular alliance is one of the nation’s leading wireless carriers that provides access to a broad range of high-speed, high-quality wireless services to customers in rural America,” US Cellular said in a statement.

“Our goal is to make sure the wireless experience for these customers remains simple, accessible, and affordable.”