Ireland’s telecoms giants set to sell data centres


New telecoms companies have been set to be sold off as they struggle to compete with internet rivals.

Sources close to the sale process said that while some of the Irish companies will be sold in “a couple of years” they will not be the only ones to be done.

The deal will be announced in the coming days, they said, without giving any details.

In January, a consortium of six Irish telecoms firms, including Telecom, were sold to the British group BSkyB.

They were valued at $7 billion (£4.4 billion).

While these deals have been controversial in Ireland, the move will come as a welcome relief to the government as it seeks to sell off the national telecommunications infrastructure.

Internet users and activists have long been angered at what they consider to be a slow and ineffective rollout of new internet services.

More than 3.3 million Irish internet users were left without services in November after the government announced plans to privatise the country’s phone network.

Since then, the country has struggled to roll out new internet and television services.

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