How to text with T-Mobile in India


The world’s largest operator of wireless services is offering its latest smartphones to customers, hoping to tap into a new wave of smartphone users in India.

T-Mobile is rolling out new Android-based smartphones to the country.

It will also start offering new smartphone deals at the same time it is selling the Galaxy Note 7 to consumers in the country in November.

It is also making an attempt to tap the emerging Indian mobile phone market.

According to a T-Mo spokesperson, T-Mobiles and its products will be available to all T-mobiles customers by mid-November.

T-Mobiles new Android phones are expected to cost Rs 8,999.

Tmobiles newest Android phones will include a 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor with Adreno 530 graphics, 1GB RAM and 32GB storage.

It also comes with 2GB RAM for the 16GB storage option.

The phone will be priced at Rs 9,999 with a 32GB model costing Rs 10,999 in India, a spokesman said.

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