How to send SMS with an Indian mobile phone


India’s mobile operators have launched a new service that lets you send SMS in India using your mobile phone.

The service, called SMS Sending Service, is now available to customers in India.

Users can send SMS via a mobile phone or a tablet, and can set a maximum number of texts and receive messages in real-time.

It works by sending and receiving a message through the SMS app, which is available on smartphones and tablets.

SMS Sending Service lets you make phone calls, texts and emails using the same app.

You can set up unlimited number of SMS sending accounts, and the SMS Sending service allows you to send and receive up to 15,000 SMS messages.

The service works by downloading and installing a SMS Sending app on your mobile device.

To make a SMS call, SMS Sending offers a call history that shows your calls and calls to contacts.

The SMS Sending services also let you send text messages, which can be read by your recipients.

The company is working with Reliance Communications Ltd (RCL), one of the country’s biggest mobile operators, and Tata Teleservices Pvt Ltd, which owns the telecom firm.

The SNS service will launch in India on November 10, with plans to expand to other countries in the coming months.

In December, India launched a mobile broadband service, the SBI Network.

“It’s a great way to connect with people on a real-world basis,” Mukesh Gupta, head of the SMS service at Reliance, said.

A mobile phone and tablet also works well for sending SMS, Gupta said.

The new SMS service offers a way to make phone and text calls from your mobile and has a number of other features, including a number for your number to ring and a number to check the status of the service.

India’s telecom operators are in talks with Reliant and Tata, and are expected to announce plans for a mobile voice calling service in the near future.

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