How to get your SMS texts delivered to your mobile number without using a SIM card


Singtel is now offering free SMS text delivery to its mobile number customers, without having to get a SIM.

The company has announced that it will offer this service to all customers that have an existing SIM number, even those who do not have an active SIM.

Singtel customers who have a SIM number will receive SMS text messages delivered via their existing phone number.

This means that users can text and call their existing number without having a SIM, and they will receive the text messages from the new number they are assigned.

However, users will not receive SMS texts directly from the number they have assigned, but from the existing number.

This service, which will be rolled out in 2018, is available to all Singtel mobile subscribers who are eligible for the Singtel Free SMS Service.

The SMS text service will be available to both new and existing Singtel customers in the next two years.

Singulat also announced that they are offering free text delivery services for all SingTel customers, including its existing subscribers.

Users will be able to text and phone their existing SingTel number, and SMS text messaging will be delivered to the new phone number without needing to use a SIM phone.

In 2018, SingTel will roll out the SMS text message service to its existing and new customers in India.