Australian telcos offer free SMS messages on free internet service


Telstra has launched a free SMS service on its mobile network, making it the first Australian telco to offer free texting to its users.

The free SMS offering, called TELSTALK, is offered on the TELSMACK service, which Telstra said is “a free SMS mobile service”.

Telstra said the service was developed by the TENO team and “takes advantage of the capabilities of mobile devices”.

The telco said the app can be used on iPhone and Android smartphones.

The SMS service costs $2.99 per day and can be downloaded for free via the TESLINK app.

It allows users to make phone calls and text messages using text messaging and is free to use.

Telstra also said the SMS service is the “first and only free SMS texting service in Australia”.

“It’s an innovative and convenient way to communicate with your family and friends, and it’s also a great way to make your own text messages,” Telstra CTO Ian Ross said in a statement.

“We’re very pleased with the results we’ve seen so far.”

The Telstra SMS service allows users the ability to make calls and texts using text messages and is the first and only service in the country to offer this.

The app is available in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and South Africa.

Telstar has a free texting service available to its customers that also works on Android phones.

Telstalk is Telstra’s first service to offer the service, and is available on the TelstraTESLACK service which Telstar said is a “free SMS mobile application”.

“The TELTALK app allows users, including children, to send and receive free text messages on their smartphone,” Telstalk said.

Telphone said the mobile SMS service will be rolled out to all customers in Australia in the coming weeks.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority said it had asked telcos to remove text messaging from their networks.

“It is a matter for the regulators to decide whether to proceed,” the AICMA said in its statement.

It said it would “provide additional clarity to regulators” by releasing details about the SMS services.

Telco spokeswoman Kate Prentice said it was not clear if the service would be removed by the regulator.

“This is a new service and we are still in the early stages of testing and are working with the regulator to ensure we have the appropriate infrastructure to ensure it can operate as planned,” Ms Prentice told ABC Radio.

She said the free SMS messaging service was only available on select TELSTAR services.

“The TelstarTESLA app is still available for the TSLAN service,” Ms Plender said.