Aussie DSL is the best internet service in the world, according to research


Australia’s top internet service provider, Ausnet, is offering customers free internet access in a bid to boost the country’s economy.

Key points: Ausnet has been offering free internet to the public since June 1, 2020The Australian Government announced plans to invest $200 million to boost internet speeds in the countryA spokesperson for Ausnet says free internet service will be rolled out to all Ausnet customersThe service will cost Ausnet $30 a monthFor more news, reviews and analysis on Australia, visit our Australian news page.

The move comes as the Government announced it would invest $20 million to improve the speed of the countrys broadband network.

The announcement was announced on Monday at the State of the Nation Address in Parliament House.

The Government’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) also announced a series of internet upgrades in the coming weeks.

“The Government will invest up to $200,000 in infrastructure investment in the next six months and will invest $1.2 billion over the next 12 months to help Australians access the internet faster and more easily,” Ausnet’s spokesperson told the ABC.

“This will include the introduction of a fibre to the home network in 2018, and the rollout of fibre to premises, a faster and better alternative to fixed line broadband.”

It is a sign of the Government’s economic plans that it has been pushing ahead with the plans to build fibre to every home and businesses, which will be delivered to nearly 50,000 premises in the year 2020.

The government’s NBN rollout will deliver the first 100 per cent fibre to a minimum of 5,000 properties in the first six months.

Mr Morrison has said he wants Australia to have the fastest broadband network in the developed world, but the government’s plans have been met with widespread criticism from users, including some in the opposition.

“It’s clear that the Coalition’s NBN is not working, and it will not be working, for Australia’s future,” Opposition Leader Scott Morrison said in a statement on Monday.

“We need a new, bold, and innovative NBN to get our country moving again, and we must stop the Government from taking away broadband rights that have been won and passed by this Government.”


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