When does the next iPhone XS model ship?


By now you probably know that Apple is expected to announce the iPhone Xs model on September 21.

The first-gen iPhone X is now on sale for $999, but the price has been reduced to $949.

That means you can save $150 on the next model with just one more notch on the smartphone.

AppleInsider reports that you can also save $30 on a pair of headphones for $199 if you purchase them from and then get the full retail price when you place your order.

You can also pick up an iPhone 8 Plus for $299, a 10-inch MacBook Air for $329, and a 12-inch iPad Pro for $399.

While it’s not as high of a price as the $1,200 premium that some have seen for the iPhone 8 or iPhone X, there’s no getting around the fact that it’s a significant downgrade.

If you’re planning on upgrading, you’ll want to save up for one of the more expensive models, as Apple will likely have to sell off some of the smaller models to get them to that price.

We’ll be sure to update this article with any additional details.

The iPhone X and iPhone X Plus are scheduled to launch in September.

The iPhone 8 will be released on September 26, the iPhone 9 will be announced on September 28, and the iPhone 10 will be launched on October 3.

Source: TechRadars