Singtel free SMS service, SMS text delivery, Singtel service is free to consumers


In a move to compete with Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime messaging services, SingTel will start offering free SMS text and data services in its India service area.

The new SMS text messaging service will start with texts of up to 10 megabytes per month.

Singtel will also offer free SMS texts for mobile phone subscribers in India.

A free SMS mobile phone call is not included in the plan.

The company will roll out the new service on August 2 and will also roll out free voice calls from August 5, the company said.

The services will be available in the Indian market and will be free to customers from August 1, the telco said.SMS text and voice calls are not included on the new free SMS services.

SingTel said in a statement that the new SMS service is a first of its kind and will make the messaging experience more accessible to users.

It is an industry-first offering and will enable users to make voice calls without any limitation.

The SMS text service will allow users to reach each other in the same place in a very short period of time, according to the company.

The service will be offered on a global basis.

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