How to access bob smses alert service for India


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has introduced a free SMS service for its website to users that can alert them if a scam is occurring.BJP websites have been using SMS alerts for over two years now and the service has received positive feedback from users who use it.

This is a major change for the party as it was seen as a hindrance in the early days when it had no website and had to rely on SMS alerts.

It is now possible to receive an SMS alert notification if a person in your contacts list is in trouble.

Bharatiya Lok Dal (BDL) spokesperson Naveen Agrawal told ET, “We have been making a lot of efforts to make our website safer for users.

We are also doing SMS alerts to people who use our services.

The new service is a welcome step towards this.

There will be no more SMS alerts if there is a scam in the website.”BJP website users are not the only ones getting alerts from the service.

A similar service was launched last month by the Congress party website.

The BDL also launched a free service for users in India.

Bhatti Bhushan, the BJP’s technology advisor, said the BJP was making a “great effort to ensure that our website is safer for people who visit our website.”

The party website has seen a surge in popularity after the government launched the Bharatiyavahana Swachh Bharat Mission in 2015.

The mission aims to improve governance and ensure accountability in the country.

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