How a new ‘cloud-based’ sms email service saves $30,000 per month on email delivery


Posted October 28, 2018 11:30:00 Cloud-based email service called Azure SMS Service, which uses a mobile app to send messages to mobile phones, is helping businesses save $30 per month when sending emails to mobile devices, according to a new study by CIBC World Markets.

The study, titled “A Cloud-Based Cloud Mail Transfer Service for Mobile Businesses,” was conducted by CIQ Global Research and was published in November.

CIBC Global Research conducted a survey of 2,000 global mobile app developers.

The results showed that 81 per cent of mobile app makers surveyed said they had used the service, with nearly three quarters of mobile apps providing a cloud-based service.

The survey also found that 75 per cent reported the service would be useful in providing support for mobile users.

The report also found more than 80 per cent were using the service for business applications, such as payroll, customer support and payments, which is important for those companies who are dealing with large volumes of emails.

According to CIBC, SMS is an emerging service that helps businesses automate their emails, including automated phone, fax and email delivery.

The service is now being rolled out across the world, including Canada, where it has been launched by Microsoft and Google.

The company says the service is “now available in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.”

The new cloud service allows companies to send emails to smartphones, tablets and PCs, or send them to mobile apps.

A mobile app allows users to receive a mobile alert via SMS, and it also allows users of those mobile apps to send email to a mobile device or to other devices.

The cloud service is called SMS, and the report notes that it is the first to offer the service to businesses and consumers across all of Canada.

The new service also allows customers to send and receive email on mobile devices with the new service.

It also lets users create mobile email accounts on mobile, tablet and PC.

In an email sent to a customer, the user can specify the recipient, subject line and recipient email address.

The email sender can also send an automated email message to the recipient.

In addition to the email, customers can also receive text messages and phone calls from a number of their customers.

For instance, if a customer wants to make an appointment with a salesperson at the store, they can enter the number of the store and the address of the business in their email.

The SMS service is available for $7.99 per month.

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