Why Singtel Free is now a free service for Telstra customers


Telstra has now officially made Singtel free for Telcos customers, making it easier for them to use the mobile phone provider’s network.

The company has confirmed this on its blog today, saying the move was made in response to “significant and ongoing” complaints from customers.

“We’ve received over 100 complaints over the past week about the quality of service,” it says.

“We are reviewing and reviewing.”

Customers who use Telstra’s free mobile service can now add it to their account for as long as they have it, and the telco will reimburse them for any unused minutes or calls.

It adds that the move is not an opt-in.

Telstra had previously announced it would allow free access to its free services for existing customers but would not provide any details about how the changes would work.

Telcos typically offer a range of services including unlimited talk and text, unlimited data and a range on voice, video and games.

Telcoms free services are typically offered to customers with a mobile phone or tablet, and those with data-heavy mobile networks.

But since last year, the telcos have been pushing to roll out more flexible plans to cover new customers.

In January, Telstra unveiled a new unlimited plan, offering unlimited talk, text and hotspot for $80 a month.

It was later updated to also offer unlimited data, unlimited calls, unlimited SMS, unlimited games and video streaming for $50 a month, and an option to pay a small monthly fee to add an additional data plan.

In July, Telcos announced a $50 monthly “data bundle”, offering unlimited data for $100 a month for users with data plans of up to 12GB.

In September, Telco introduced a $60 “bundle” offering unlimited video, text, hotspot, voice, and games for $150 a month and a $40 per month “premium data bundle” offering access to unlimited video and text for $180 a month or unlimited games for up to $300 a month if they’re over 12GB in size.

The move comes amid continued complaints about poor network performance by many customers.

A number of people have taken to the internet to complain about poor performance on Telstra mobile networks, with some calling it “failing”.

Earlier this month, Telcoms chief executive Mike Quigley said Telstra was investigating the complaints but it was too early to say if the complaints were legitimate.

He said that the company had taken the matter very seriously and was working to improve network performance.

Telstra’s chief executive has previously said that his company had a number of ways to improve the performance of its network, including making it faster and faster, upgrading it, adding new devices, and adding more spectrum to boost capacity.

“We’ll be rolling out a series of changes in the next few weeks to improve performance and we’re committed to taking these steps,” Quigly said.

For the time being, customers who have a free Telstra SIM card and the latest version of the iPhone 4S, iPad Mini or Android tablet should have no problem using the service.

The changes come after Telstra introduced free unlimited talk for Telco customers in May.

Telco has said it will also roll out a new paid SIM card service, offering the same services as the free ones.

While the telcom has not yet confirmed whether or not these services will also be rolled out to existing customers, it’s understood that they will be.

Telstel’s new free plan will cost $80 per month.