Which country gets to keep sms?


CHINA is the only country to receive the “most advanced” encryption standard, which means it’s in charge of determining whether it should continue using it.

China, which also owns Skype, is not only the country that is responsible for developing the sms standard but also the one who decides whether to continue using the system.

The country has decided not to implement the standard, however, and it remains unclear if that decision is related to the fact that it’s used in China, or the fact it’s a matter of security.

This decision, however could have a far-reaching effect.

“If it is determined that the country has not complied with the standard and the country is not able to continue with this protocol, this could have implications for the entire world, and potentially for people all over the world,” said James Martin, senior researcher at the Global Privacy Foundation.

“This is a real problem, and we should be talking about it.

If we don’t talk about it, there’s no way to get a solution.

We should be focusing on protecting our citizens and their data and not worrying about how to deal with a security issue in the next few years.”

While it’s not clear what the next steps for China will be, there is a growing trend in China to protect its citizens from foreign spies, which has made many people wonder if China will do the same thing.

“The Chinese government is making this a priority,” said Martin.

“I think it’s really important for them to do this because it’s going to have a profound effect on their ability to protect their citizens.”