What you need to know about Microsoft’s new Windows 10 licensing model


Microsoft has introduced a new licensing model that allows users to buy Windows 10 licenses for a small monthly fee.

Users will be able to pay for the new licenses on the same day that they receive their monthly allotment of Windows 10.

The company’s website says users will be offered two licenses per month: a “Windows 10 Pro” license for $299.99, and a “Pro” license “for $299.”

The company is promising that customers will have the choice of paying for the Windows 10 Pro license “as soon as they receive a qualifying payment for a monthly fee, or a separate payment for the license on a per-month basis.”

This will be a nice incentive for users to upgrade to the Pro version of Windows.

But there’s another benefit: if Microsoft’s Windows 10 Home license comes bundled with the software itself, users will get access to all the benefits of the Pro license for a one-time fee of $199.99.

The only catch is that the Pro edition will not include Cortana or Windows Hello security features, as the Home edition does.