Visa card sming service launched in UK, India


SMARTPHONE service is being launched in India by Visa to help travellers who have lost their mobile phone or who are in need of a mobile phone replacement.

The service will allow people who lost their phone to contact their family members via text message.

Visa said the service will be rolled out in a phased manner across the country to help people who have a lost their smartphone.

The company said that the number of calls and texts would increase on a rolling basis.

A phone replacement service has become an increasingly popular option for Indians as the country’s population has grown rapidly and the internet has become more accessible.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged the countrys citizens to have a mobile device with them and has also launched a number of initiatives to encourage the use of smartphones.

A recent survey by Nielsen found that 65 per cent of Indians use a mobile in some way and almost two-thirds of them use their phones to check the weather, watch a film, listen to music or do some other activity.

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