India: Banking Services Alert Service (BBS) service is still alive in Mumbai, reports Business Insider


MUMBAI, India — The BBS services alert service (BSO) service was launched on July 1, 2017, but was suspended in July 2018 due to high-profile cyber attacks, according to an online database maintained by a private firm.

The service was initially offered for people who have bank accounts with a foreign bank.

However, a cyber attack on November 21, 2018 made the service unavailable for some people, and the BBS service was taken offline for a few months, a BBS source told Business Insider.

The BSA service, which is currently operational in Mumbai and the city’s outskirts, provides customers with a variety of services, including access to information, financial assistance, customer service and online banking.

However, it is still available for people from other parts of the country.

A source said the BSA is currently offline in Chennai, Bangalore, Chennai-Mysore, and other parts.

The source added that the BSS has been used by several banks in the country, and many of them have extended BBS support to other cities and states as well.

According to the source, the BSO service is currently being used by about 10,000 people in Mumbai.

In a recent interview with CNN-IBN, the source said BSO services in Mumbai are now in “very good shape”.

The source also said the service is being provided to people from all parts of India, and that the government has extended the BSW service to more cities.

However the BSO service is not available in Chennai or the other major cities in the state of Karnataka, where the central government is located.

The Indian Banking Association, which administers BBS in India, has confirmed the BSPO service’s existence in Mumbai but has not commented on the BSB service’s disappearance.

A spokesperson for the association said that the association was in contact with the BSNI (Banking Services Network India) and the Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) to understand the situation.BBS is a platform for individuals to share information about their banking and financial institutions, with a focus on cyber security.

The service was introduced by the Reserve Bank of India in 2016.

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