How to check your Sms message status and location in WhatsApp using Google Maps app


Sms service from WhatsApp allows you to receive messages and contacts from your friends, family and contacts, as well as send and receive messages, and manage them.

To use WhatsApp, you need to register for an account.

Once you have registered, you can send and manage messages, contacts, and calendar events, but to receive and receive the messages and events you will need to first install the Google Maps application, then navigate to Settings, and click the Settings icon.

From there, click the Add New Location option and add your own location.

After that, you will be able to add your new location by using Google Map’s Location feature.

You can then select the location you want to add, and you can then add events by adding a location or event.

You can also choose to automatically add events when a friend or family member sends a message.

You will need an SMS to send to add the event, so be sure to check the appropriate box.

After the events are added, you should see the location of the event on the location bar.

Click the Add Location button to add that location to your contacts list.

The location can be found by typing the location or location of your location, and then clicking the Add event button.

After adding the location to a contact list, you may have to add a third party service to receive the message.

These services are usually provided by third parties and are usually free or inexpensive, so don’t hesitate to add one to your list.

To do this, head to Settings > Accounts > Services, and scroll down to the third party and then click the checkbox next to it.

From here, click Add, and enter the email address of the third-party service provider to which you want the message to be sent.

The third party can then send a message from your account, as long as they are located in the same location you added them.

This will allow you to see their location on the map and to see your messages from them.

Once the message has been sent, WhatsApp will then send it to the address you selected in Step 1.

If you are unable to see the notification, then you can disable notifications on the app by going to Settings >> Messages and tap the Edit icon next to the notification.

You may also have to scroll down in the notification and tap Settings >> Unread, then disable all notifications from the app.