How to avoid sms alerts from SMBs


The SMB Alert System (SMS) is a system that lets you know when an email is spamming.

You can’t always see the source of the message, but if you look up the email and click on the SMB logo, you will see that the email is sent from a company called SMS Alert Service (SAS). 

SMBs use this email to send you spam.

You will never get a notification if you use the SMS alerts system, but you can use the email alerts system to alert you to the fact that you are receiving an email that contains spam. 

Here’s how to use the SMBs SMS Alert System to help you avoid the SMBS spammer in your inbox.

Step 1: Click on the logo on the email you are emailing and then click on “Show all.”

Step 2: Check the email source and type in the name of the email.

Step 3: Click “Send” and wait for the email to be sent to you.

If you are getting the email, the sender is likely spamming your inbox with email from another company.

This email will contain spam and you will need to unsubscribe and remove the sender from your email list.

Step 4: You will now see the SMSB logo and the SMBB logo.

Step 5: Click the SMSBB logo and you are good to go.

You are done!

You can also get more information about spam detection from our spam alerts section.