Aussie man’s girlfriend has been jailed for ‘shocking’ sexual assault


The victim of a sexual assault in Melbourne has been sentenced to two years in jail for her part in a ‘shocked’ case.

The woman’s partner was also jailed for five years, with her two children both given conditional bail.

The incident took place at a property in the inner west of Melbourne on June 10, 2017, when the victim’s boyfriend came home from work.

The man, who was not named, had been drinking at a friend’s house, where he met the woman and had sex with her.

The couple later had sex again at a nearby property, where the victim said she was repeatedly raped.

Her partner had also been drinking with the woman that night.

In sentencing the woman, District Court Judge James Tredwell said she had made a ‘very terrible decision’ to engage in sexual activity with a man and was shocked by what happened afterwards.’

She was shocked that she had been assaulted, she was shocked and shocked and horrified by what she had done,’ he said.’

You were a very disturbing person and a very dangerous person to be around.’

When she realised what had happened, she felt completely unable to be a part of it and she was utterly powerless.’

Judge Tredwood said she acted out of self-interest and her partner’s selfishness, but she had taken ‘great risks’ in engaging in the act.’

I think she was not in control, she knew what she was doing, she took great risks, and you have a good degree of responsibility for what you did,’ he told the woman.

The victim had pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting the man and his friend at the same property on the same night in June 2017.

The court heard the victim had told police she had had an affair with the man after he started having sexual relations with her, but he was reluctant to speak to police.’

The woman had told the police that she felt she was a bit of a liability, that she was taking her own life,’ Mr Tredwil said.

‘You may not have known it was your partner that had committed the crime, but it was that partner that you had an extramarital relationship with.’

The judge also ordered the woman to pay the victim $5,000 in compensation.’

What you have done has caused tremendous distress to the victim, it has caused great anguish to her, it is caused great pain to her and to you, and it is an offence for you to continue to engage with her in any way,’ he added.

The judge ordered the defendant to have no contact with the victim and pay $5 and $10 costs.’

This court finds that you have behaved in an incredibly cruel and callous way, and that this conduct is causing immense distress to your victim,’ he continued.

The woman will serve half of her sentence in jail, while the man will serve the remainder of it.

She will also have to pay $4,000 towards the victim.

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